July 20, 2024

11 Kid-Friendly Podcasts for Family Road Trips

When planning a road trip with kids, it’s essential to have a variety of entertainment options. Music is fun, and audiobooks are great, but after a few hours, the kids might start to get restless. This is where a good podcast comes in handy.

Here are some top rated podcasts for a road trip with kids:

11 Podcasts for Family Road Trips

  1. Wow in the World
    One of the top podcasts for family road trips is Wow in the World. Hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, this NPR show makes science enjoyable for everyone. They explore various topics, from asteroids to spiders, with humor and silliness. Each 20-30 minute episode breaks down scientific concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand way, making it perfect for all ages!

  2. The Big Fib (Formerly Pants on Fire)
    The podcast “Pants on Fire” is now called The Big Fib! Can you spot the liar? In each episode, a child and two adults compete. One adult is an expert, and the other is not. Kids ask questions and try to determine who is lying. You can enjoy all the episodes of “Pants on Fire” and the new episodes of “The Big Fib” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms.

  3. Story Pirates
    Now in its 6th season, Story Pirates is the top storytelling podcast for kids. Each episode features stories written by children, transformed into funny shows and music. It’s incredible what they create from kids’ imaginations! Some favorites include “Quest for the Crystal Crown” and “The Bear That Wouldn’t Disco.”

  4. Brains On!
    If you have younger kids, check out Brains On! This science podcast is educational for both children and adults. Unique episodes cover topics like how your brain reads books and the myths of mermaids and Kraken. Each episode features a different kid co-host and answers a fun question to spark discussion among listeners.

  5. Circle Round
    Circle Round is perfect for family road trips. It features fairy tales, myths, and legends from around the world. You’ll hear famous voices like Nikesh Patel, Colin Hanks, and Ed Asner. Each story is engaging and makes the time fly by!

  6. Tumble – Science Podcast for Kids
    Each episode of Tumble uses science to find solutions. The podcast explores various discoveries and shows how science can change our perspective. Fun episodes include “The Physics of Basketball” and “Decoding Dog DNA.”

  7. The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
    In this serial mystery podcast for middle schoolers, performed by middle schoolers, listeners meet Mars Patel and his friends. They embark on an adventure to find their missing friend Aurora, spanning three exciting seasons. It’s entertaining for all ages, making it a top choice for family road trips.

  8. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
    If you’re looking for a podcast that shares stories of women in history and empowers young girls, Rebel Girls is one of the best. It features inspiring stories of women who have made a difference in the world. These tales will motivate everyone in your family. You can catch the latest episodes on the Rebel Girls app.

  9. Who Would Win
    If your kids enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, Who Would Win is the perfect podcast for them. The hosts argue over who would win in fictional battles between comic book and sci-fi characters. It’s full of amusing commentary that will keep everyone entertained. Get ready for lively debates within your own family!

  10. Smash Boom Best
    Smash Boom Best compares two things and asks listeners to decide which is better. Contestants argue why their choice is superior. For instance, in matchups like sugar vs. salt, which one reigns supreme? The debates unfold over several rounds, engaging both kids and adults as they decide the ultimate Smash Boom winner.

  11. Lore
    If your family enjoys spooky tales, Lore is perfect (especially for tweens and teens). This podcast explores true stories and their surrounding mysteries, from eerie sounds in the woods to unexplained disappearances and discoveries. It’s a weekly favorite for us during drives, making time pass quickly! It’s certainly one of the top true crime podcasts for families.

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