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Celebrate Leap Day on Thursday! 2/29/24

February 29 All day

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🐸 WHY? What is leap year?

The Earth takes about 365.25 days to complete one orbit around the Sun, known as a solar year. However, our calendar typically considers a year to be 365 days long. To account for this discrepancy, we add an extra day to the calendar approximately every four years. This additional day is known as a leap day. In 2024, we celebrate Leap Year by adding a leap day to the end of February, our shortest month, on February 29th.

🐸 Leap Day Trivia

  1. Question: What is the term for someone born on Leap Day?
    Answer: Someone born on Leap Day is called a “leapling” or a “leap year baby.”

  2. Question: What is the approximate likelihood of being born on Leap Day?
    Answer: The likelihood of being born on Leap Day is approximately 1 in 1,461 (or 0.068%).

  3. Question: Which famous pirate is said to have died on Leap Day?
    Answer: Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, is believed to have been killed on November 22, 1718, which corresponds to Leap Day in the Julian calendar.

  4. Question: What is the name of the leap year system introduced by Julius Caesar?
    Answer: The leap year system introduced by Julius Caesar is known as the Julian calendar.

  5. Question: Which Roman emperor adjusted the leap year system to the one we use today? Answer: Emperor Augustus adjusted the leap year system to the one we use today, known as the Gregorian calendar.

🐸 7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Leap Day!

Here are seven simple ways to add some fun into your Leap Day in 2024!

  1. Create a Leap Day Meal: Decorate with frog-themed decorations, serve leap year-themed snacks and drinks. See on Amazon

  2. Try a Frog-Themed Game like the FROG BALANCE TREE GAME – In the first game, 2 or 4 people take turns to release frogs, if one side loses balance, it will fail. In the second game, the player places the little frog in a designated position based on the rolling of the dice, adding an opportunity element to the game. See on Amazon

  3. Dress up the kids in a special Leap Day T-shirt – See on Amazon

  4. Celebrate Leap Day with Frog Kisses! – See on Amazon

  5. Read “Sir Leaps-A-Lot Saves The Day” See on Amazon

  6. Play the Jumping Jack Game – One carrot will make Jack jump, but which carrot is it? See on Amazon

  7. Incorporate games or activities that involve jumping or leaping like the Pogo Stick for Toddlers! See on Amazon

🐸 Wishing you a FUN Leap Day 2024 🐸

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