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TAKE A TRIP: Visit London or Head to Germany!… ALL FROM HOME

 Weds, October 21: Free Virtual Tour of Germany (Online Event)

Join one of EF’s finest tour directors Lewis on this Oktoberfest tour of Germany.
Normally when we think of Germany we think of either its modernity – it’s infrastructure, manufacturing, high quality of life, etc or of its traditionalism –
its sausages, beers, and alpine culture.
Bavaria–the largest state in Germany–is home to many of these more traditional features of German cultural life. In this online tour we will take about the State itself: it’s unusual kings, folk cultures, and food cultures, about its famous beer festivals, and the city of Munich. We will not only touch on the ancient history of Munich, but also on the dark period of its history which traverses the Holocaust and World War II, and also on modern forward-looking Munich, which is said to have the best quality of life in all of Germany!
Come along on this journey!
Attendance is free but tips are appreciated. 

💻💻 Thurs, October 22: The Great Pumpkin – Online Event

Join Miss Tracy and some special friends in our Children’s Garden for a reading of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Our friends will then give some helpful tips on how to create the best Children’s Book Character Pumpkin. With Miss Tracy from the Royston Public Library. For children 2-11.

Weds, October 28: Virtual Trivia: Halloween History! – Online Event

The winner will receive a free Digital Membership to the History Center! If you are already a Member, you can gift the Membership to a friend.

Fri, October 30: Free Virtual Tour of London – Live Streaming Online Music HD

In October 2020: Gwinnett Water Resources is offering a FREE and fun way to learn about wastewater treatment in Gwinnett. Tour a water treatment facility, enjoy water science activities, and join a live discussion panel. See More Details HERE

Every Tuesday & Thursday: Spanish Story Time – Virtual (Facebook Live)

Spanish Story Time – Virtual * Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am * We’ll sing songs, play a game and read a book in Spanish. Beginners Welcome! Join via Facebook Live


DIY WORKSHOP FOR KIDS: Build a Bulldozer!

This Bulldozer is awesome!  Your child will love playing with this finished project kit almost as much as they enjoy building it!  Register your child to reserve their kit today!

WHEN: Saturday, November 14


Reserved kits can be picked up in-store at our customer service desk on Saturday, November 14th or Sunday, November 15th.  If your kit is not picked up by 8 p.m. on Sunday, November 15th, it may be given to a non-registered customer.

Note: If completing workshop in the store, it can take 15-30 minutes. Check-in by 11:00am. Child(ren) must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

New Kid’s Money Podcast

Do you want any easy and fun way to teach your #kids about #money?   

“Million Bazillion,” is Marketplace’s first-ever #podcast for kids. Host Jed Kim will answer the sometimes awkward, sometimes surprising questions kids have about money. 

Secrets for starting a business Million Bazillion

There are lots of great reasons to want to start a business: solving a problem, pursuing a passion, even making some money. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and even if you do everything right, it may not work out. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you failed — thinking through a business idea can build some really great skills! This week, we talk with a bunch of expert kids and grown-ups about turning an idea into a full-blown business. Plus, Jed bakes us some cookies! And just because the season is over doesn’t mean we don’t still want to hear from you! Keep sending us your questions about money at!
  1. Secrets for starting a business
  2. Saving money is really hard to do
  3. Ads are there for a reason — to sell you stuff
  4. The price of pizza
  5. Negotiation is a super important skill

2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

Help your kids remember this significant time in history
with this TIME CAPSULE

LONG Creations created a fantastic Time Capsule memory packet.

- Cover-
-Page to draw family picture-
-All about me 
-How I'm feeling
-My community
-What I am doing at home
-Hand print page
-Special occasion page
-Letter to myself sheet
-Interview for the parents
-Letter from the parents

Link to Documents, here

Google Drive link, here

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