March 2, 2024

7th Annual Olifer Math Competition for children in grades 1-10

Georgia Gwinnett College is pleased to announce that the 7th Annual Olifer Math Competition will be held on March 23rd.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Kids in Grades 1-10

WHAT: This math competition is a celebration of our future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors. Children are natural problem solvers and like to think outside of the box. The problems used in this contest are designed to inspire them and this kind of thinking, and they are different from what they usually experience at school. Solving such problems and meeting other children in a collegiate environment should make this competition an unforgettable event.

COST: The registration is $10 per participant and seats are limited for each grade.

Special math giveaways will be given for the first three places for each grade, and all participants will receive recognition for their participation. Here is a link for registration.

See Full Details & REGISTER HERE

Good luck! 

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