Hi-Hope Service Center Support

Hi-Hope Service Center, located in Lawrenceville, provides quality services that empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to define and live a meaningful life.
They have many ways to get involved as a volunteer, including:
⦁ Arts and Crafts
⦁ Performing Arts
⦁ Recreation & Athletics
⦁ Vocational Skills
⦁ Academics and Living Skills
⦁ On-Campus Activities
⦁ Off-Campus Activities
⦁ Office & Administrative Assistance
⦁ Landscaping & Campus Improvement Projects
⦁ Group Home Improvement Projects
⦁ Special Event Planning/Supporting
⦁ Marking & Community Awareness
⦁ Teaching & Special Skills Instruction
⦁ Companionship
⦁ and, Others
See anything you like or that you think you can help with? CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS
Volunteer opportunities are available for both individuals and groups. Offer your support weekdays, evenings and on the weekends, just once or through ongoing support. Serve as a friend and companion to the individuals we support. Organize and lead an activity at Hi-Hope or host us at your home, place of work, church, school, or other community location. “Adopt” one of our group homes to forge close connections with the four residents of a given location. Meet a critical need by assisting with landscaping, cleaning projects or meal preparation. Donate your professional skills to help us cut overhead costs and invest more of our resources in the people we support. They customize the volunteer activity to you so even if you are unsure, apply to serve their wonderful folks.
LOCATION: Hi-Hope Service Center is located at 882 Hi-Hope Road, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043