Adopt-A-Road in Gwinnett

Adopt-A-Road to enhance your commute
The Adopt-A-Road litter prevention program is an initiative sponsored by Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful and the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation. The goal of this program is to reduce trash and illegal signage alongside county roads.
This program is a great way to give back to your community and help keep our roadsides clean and free of clutter. Cleaning up trash from our roadways prevents litter from washing into streams and lakes during rainstorms, which saves wildlife and protects water quality.

Adopting a road is an easy process that involves five simple steps:

  1. Choose a road to adopt: Select a section of roadway with a convenient location that is safe to access on your cleanup day.
  2. Learn more about the program: Get details about the program and download the official Adopt-a-Road agreement at
  3. Contact us and take action: Confirm your road section and participation in the Adopt-a-Road Program on our website. We’ll provide free garbage bags, “Men Working” signs, and safety vests for you to use on cleanup day.
  4. Share your results and complete a post-cleanup report: Submit post-cleanup reports on our website.
  5. Receive recognition for your group’s hard work: Each adopted section of road will be marked with two signs with your group’s name. We will order your signs and install them.

CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS or call 770.822.5187.