COMPETITION: 🍬Simple Candy 🍬 Machine 🍬

🍬🍭 Candy + simple machine? Who doesn’t love a rube goldberg type of challenge?Get your 🧠 brains working on something fun, this month!

Science ATL is excited to be partnering with our friends at Piedmont Park Conservancy for this month’s challenge. With the global pandemic and social distancing in mind, we want you to design a six foot candy contraption (a la Rube Goldberg) that delivers a piece of Halloween candy to someone at least six feet away.

Here’s what you’ll need: — recycled and upcycled materials of your choosing — creativity! Follow along with @piedmontlearns on Instagram to learn about simple machines that you can incorporate into your six foot candy contraption design. We’d love to see what you make!

You can submit through October 31 by tagging #WondercastDesignChallenge and @scienceatl on social media. Learn more:

Check out the details…